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Since 1946, Volkswagen (VW) has been known as 'The Peoples Car'.

VW has three cars in the top 10 list of best-selling cars of all time, the Volkswagen Golf, the Volkswagen Beetle, and the Volkswagen Passat.

German Auto Haus will service your VW according to the manufacturer's log book servicing schedule using the latest diagnostic equipment, genuine parts and lubricants. Maintain your new car warranty with German Auto Haus.

The team at German Auto Haus are experienced and skilled in servicing the entire range of VW models making them leaders in servicing and maintenance of prestige vehicles in Melbourne.

If you have any questions or need advice on your make of VW please contact us.

Courtesy cars are available upon request.

Volkswagen servicing - Keep performance to a maximum and wear and tear to a minimum

To ensure your VW stays true to its form, we recommend the following service schedule.

If your VW has kilometres which are under 150 000km, we recommend a service every 15,000km. If your VW has kilometres over 150 000 km, we recommend a service every 10 000km, or alternatively, once every 12 months (whichever occurs first) as preventative maintenance and to ensure the optimum performance of your VW.
Service intervals for VW

With Volkswagen's we recommend the following for regular service and inspections:

  • Service every 15,000 km's
  • Service's classed as follows:
  • 15,000 km service: 'Minor'
  • 30,000 km service: 'Intermediate'
  • 45,000 km service: 'Minor'
  • 60,000 km service: 'Major'
  • Cambelt needs to be serviced at between 90-100,000 km's or every 4 years. This service also requires the Water Pump, Coolant, and Thermostat to be inspected and serviced if need be.
  • Transmission service for Late Model cars at every 100,000 km's
  • Transmission service for Early Model cars at every 40,000 km's
  • Brake Fluid needs to be changed every 2 years
  • Coolant every 3 years
  • The Microfilters (Cabin Filters) need to be serviced at every service as well

* These points are only a recommendation

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