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As soon as we hear Porsche we see images of spiffy sport cars and elegant SUVs and sedans. The company has also been producing numerous other models of vehicles over the years for its customers.

Keep your Porsche fit

Many people like to drive Porsche cars for its sheer beauty and high rate performance on the road. Having a prestige car can sure be a matter of pride but if your car is not in good condition, it is not likely to create a good impression. Thus, if you own a high-end driving machine, be sure to visit us at German Auto Haus for regular car servicing and repairs when needed. We specialise in Porsche service and you can be sure that we will take good care of your precious conveyance.

German Auto Haus has a highly trained staff, and quality spare parts and tools for the servicing and repair of prestige cars. Contact us in Hawthorn if you require our services.

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